Welcome to Amit Gupta Advocate

We, at “amitguptaadvocate.com” have been advising on structuring, documenting and executing real estate transactions. We have assisted developers, landowners, corporations and private clients in connection with documentation related to acquiring, selling, leasing and licensing Industrial, commercial, farm lands and residential properties, upholding the principles of equity and justice.

More specifically our areas of practice include:

Scrutiny of Documents

Initial steps towards property purchase, Scrutiny of title deeds of the property is the first and foremost exercise the purchaser's advocate has to undertake before entering into an agreement with the seller. A clean and marketable title, free from all doubts and encumbrances vested with physical possession, is very important. The ownership of the titleholder can be traced from the title deeds and revenue records.

Legal Documentations

Including agreements for purchase, sale, investment and accordingly conveyancing and drafting the suitable documents for lease, renting, mortgage, sale, settlement, gifts and power of attorney, construction contracts, development agreements of Multi-Storied Buildings of commercial and residential character;

Acquisition, sale and disposal of property, whether carried out individually or through real estate companies;

Real Estate Funds

Construction, development and re-development projects

Specialized contracts, commercial or hotel related projects

Leases, licenses, agency, property and facility management

Business conducting and revenue sharing arrangements

Due diligence and title certification